NetXen NX3-20GLR

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Артикул: NX3-20GLR
Dual Port 10Gb Ethernet PCIe Adapter w/LR Fiber Modules

NetXen NX3-20GLR
The NX3-20GxR Intelligent NIC® line is based on NetXen�s NX3031. They are high-performance Layer 2 NICs that can support offload of TCP/IP protocols, significantly improving the throughput of servers, server appliances, and storage platforms, while reducing host CPU utilization. This allows overall system performance to scale dramatically.

The NX3031 is the third generation of NetXen�s Intelligent NIC devices. It is a highly integrated, fully programmable chip designed to offload and accelerate processing tasks. It is built around NetXen�s revolutionary Protocol Processing Engine architecture.

The NX3-20GxR family of dual port 10GbE, low profile PCI Express cards supports pluggable SFP+ modules for both SR and LR optics.