QLogic 7104-HCA-128LP

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Артикул: 7104-HCA-128LP
PCI-X SDR 128MB Low Profile Host Channel Adapter

QLogic 7104-HCA-128LP

QLogic’s line of SDR and DDR host channel adapters (HCAs) come in single or dual port configurations, with or without memory, and support PCI-X or PCI-Express environments.

When installed in standard servers, blade servers, storage and communications platforms, the QLogic 7000 PCI-X PCI-Express HCAs create a high-performance channel between the host device and the InfiniBand fabric. Information transfer is at 10 Gb/s SDR or 20 Gb/s DDR—up to 20 times the bandwidth and 10% the internal latency of traditional Gigabit Ethernet server interfaces.

A comprehensive suite of host Upper Level Protocols (ULPs) is available and contained within the QuickSilver Fabric Software Suite. These include Scali MPI, Virtual Ethernet NIC, SRP, IPoIB, SDP, uDAPL, and RDS.

All HCA adapter cards utilize a 4X MicroGigaCN InfiniBand compliant connector for copper cables. This copper connector provides the lowest cost 10 or 20Gbps connection available. In addition, a plug-on media adapter module is available for fiber connections up to 300m