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Maxtronic/Accusys Дисковый массив A16D-PA (SA-6608D)

Цена: 814210 р
Наличие: Под заказ
Артикул: SA-6608D
Дисковый массив MaxTronic SA-6608D 16-дисков, внешний интерфейс x4 PCIe, интерфейс дисков SATA, корпус 3U, процессор Intel IOP341, 2 контроллера, кэш-память 512-2048 MB, 2 блока питания 460W



Product A12S-PA A16S-PA A24S-PA A16D-PA A24D-PA
Storage System 2U 12-bay single controller 3U 16-bay single controller 4U 24-bay single controller 3U 16-bay dual independent controllers 4U 24-bay dual independent controllers
Host Interface PCI Express 2.5Gbs x 4, Transfer rate up to 10Gbs. PCI Express 2.5Gbs x 4 dual, Transfer rate up to 20Gbs.
Disk Interface Support 12/16/24 Serial ATA II (SATA II) disks.
Support SATA NCQ and stagger spin-up.
RAID Controller and Spec. ─ Intel IOP 64bits RISC processor.
─ Hardware XOR/Multi-Parity engine.
─ DDR II-667MHz memory, ECC-protected, Up to 2GB.
─ Support battery backup protection
─ 32KB NVRAM with real-time clock (RTC).
Power and Cooling Hot swap power and cooling modules.
Battery Backup Module ACS-1164Lithium cells battery module.
Cached date will be kept for up to 72 hours (50mA/100hrs).
  • Java-based GUI, cross-platform executable - RAIDGuard™ X GUI.
  • Support remote management.
  • Event logging to text files with event viewer.
  • Event notification by E-mail(SMTP).
  • Centralized multiple RAID system management.
  • Support LCD panel for RAID management.
  • Support both in-band and out-band management.
  • Support RAID management by EFI and BIOS.
  • Support CLI (Command Line Interface).
  • Support SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).
PCI Express Adaptor Single port PCIe x4 HBA Card Dual Ports PCIe x8 HBA Card
Cable External PCIe x4
Cable 2M x 1
External PCIe x4
Cable 2M x 1
External PCIe x4
Cable 2M x 1
External PCIe x4
Cable 2M x 2
External PCIe x4
Cable 2M x 2
Physical and Environment Specifications
2U 482 (W) x 564 (D) x 88 (H) mm
3U 482 (W) x 574 (D) x 131 (H) mm
4U 482 (W) x 565 (D) x 175 (H) mm
─Power Requirements
2U 420W (420W x 2. Redundant)
3U 460W (460W x 2. Redundant)
4U 700W (350W x 3.2+1Redundant)
Operation mode:15% to 85 %
Non-operation mode:5% to 95 %
Operation mode: 0℃ to 40℃
Non-operation mode:-20℃ to 70℃
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