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AXUS Дисковый массив Yotta III 16Gb FC-to-SAS/SATA 24 диска (Y3-24S6DFG)

Цена: 1060110 р
Наличие: Под заказ
Артикул: Y3-24S6DFG


AID Type
YOTTA III Enhance Tower
Type Low Noise Design
YOTTA III Enhance Single or Dual Active-Active
Redundant Controller Supported
Model number
(8Gb FC)
Model number
(16Gb FC)
System Type
Dual Redundant
Host Interface per Controller
4 x 8Gb/s Fibre (8Gb FC)
2 x 16Gb/s Fibre (16Gb FC)
Disk Interface
12Bay x
12 / 16 / 24bay x
12 / 16 / 24bay x
6Gb/s SAS
JBOD Expansion Port per Controller
1 x 6Gb/s Mini-SAS
Tray Type
Cache Memory Up to 8GB 240pins DDR3-1333 with ECC registered SDRAM
RAID Levels 0, 1, 10, 3, 5, 6, 30, 50, 60, Single Disk and JBOD
RAID Features Multiple RAID selections
Online array roaming
Offline RAID set
Online RAID level / stripe size migration
Online capacity expansion and RAID level migration simultaneously
Online volume set growth
Instant availability and background initialization
Automatic drive insertion / removal detection and rebuilding .
Greater than 2TB per volume set ( 64-bit LBA support ), Greater than 2TB per disk drive
Disk scrubbing / array verify scheduling for automatic repair of all configured RAID sets
Login record in the event log with IP address and service (http, telnet and serial)
Support NTP protocol to synchronize RAID controller clock over the on-board LAN port
Max 256 devices 
Max 128 LUNs (Volume set )
Hot Swap Components Power Supply, FAN, Disk Drive Power Supply, FAN,
Disk Drive, Controller
Battery Backup Module Optional, supporting 72 hours battery backup time
RAID Management Firmware embedded Web browser-based RAID
manager via built-in 10/100 Ethernet port
Firmware embedded manager through LCD control panel
Field-upgradeable firmware from flash ROM
Monitors & Notifications All system status can be monitored via Firmware-embedded Web browser-based RAID manager
System status indication through LCD, LED and alarm buzzer
All system events can be sent to multiple user via emails alerts
SNMP agent already embedded in the firmware allows remote to monitor events through LAN
Operation Systems OS independent and transparent
Power Supply Redundant by dual 460W power modules with PFC feature, loading sharing type and cableless design: YOTTA III Enhance 16 bay system
Redundant by three 460W power modules with PFC feature, loading sharing type and cableless design: YOTTA III Enhance 24 bay system
Redundant by dual 400 power modules with PFC feature, loading sharing type, cableless and low noise design: YOTTA III Enhance 12 bay Tower type and 12 bay Redundant version
Electrical AC Voltage 100~240 VAC/AC frequency 50-60Hz
Temperature Operating temperature: 5 ~ 35 degree Celsius
Non-Operating temperature: -40 ~ 60 degree Celsius
Relative Humidity 20% ~ 80% non-condensing
Dimension (mm)
W x D x H
214 x 426 x 439 12Bay: 446.6 x560 x 2U
16Bay: 446.6 x560 x 3U
24Bay: 446.6 x560 x 4U
Weight (kg)
(w/o HDD)
19.6 Single 12Bay :15.8; 16Bay:25 24Bay:32
Dual 12Bay:17.4; 16Bay:26.6 24Bay:34
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