Каталог - Дисковые массивы - Дисковые массивы FC - Дисковые массивы FC to SAS/SATA - Promise Дисковый массив VTrak A3800fSL w/ 24x 3TB (72 TB) 7200-RPM SAS HDD Single Controller 8 GB Fibre Channel(VTA3800FSLE5,F40A38F26010000)


Promise Дисковый массив VTrak A3800fSL w/ 24x 3TB (72 TB) 7200-RPM SAS HDD Single Controller 8 GB Fibre Channel(VTA3800FSLE5,F40A38F26010000)

Цена: 3687320 р
Наличие: Под заказ
Артикул: F40A38F26010000


  • Scalable, High Performance & Bandwidth 64-bit SAN File System
    • 8G FC interface
    • Data path over FC
    • Single name space with file system spanning across multiple storage units
  • High Availability
    • Active-Standby SAN FS metadata server
    • Active-Active RAID controller
  • Metadata Journaling
    • POSIX compliance
    • Client support for Windows, Mac and Linux
    • Multiple clients access shared files, best for sharing and collaboration
    • Optional external NAS extension gateway cluster provides legacy NFS and CIFS protocol access to files
    • Online defragmentation
    • Online expansion of data volume
  • Each File system volume can be individually tuned for the usage of the volume
    • Soft and hard quotas and user per missions
    • Local ACL for small user groups (20 users)
    • Integration with AD and LDAP for ACL
    • Client node ACL
    • Multipath support on clients
    • Provides intelligent fault detection and notification tool on clients
48TB to 7PB raw Non-disruptive expansion using: VTrak x30 Fibre Channel RAID Storage Systems VTrak x30 Expansion Chassis
VTrakFS™ File System
VTrakFS™ – Integrated clustered file system 
Supports up to 8 simultaneous file systems per system 
Serve up to 1 billion files 
Directory Support: LDAP, Active Directory, Open Directory 
Advanced online defragmentation tool (Advanced Anti-Fragmentation Algorithm) 
Supports ACLs (Access Control List) and User Quota
Redundant Controllers Hot-Swappable Power Supply Units Hot-Swappable Controllers Non-Disruptive Firmware/Software Updates Hot-Swappable Disk Drives
Quad 8G Fibre Channel ports per controller (total of 8 ports for high-availability systems)
RAID Support
RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60
Power Eciency
Four levels of advanced power management disk drive (MAID) support Efficient 80Plus Certified power supplies
Management Tools/Interface
Single VTrak A-Class SAN management software Embedded management using VTrak A-Class SAN management software (via Ethernet) Advanced Command Line Interface (Serial Port or Ethernet via telnet and SSH) Third Party Management support via SNMP, CIM
Client Licenses
10 Universal or 30 Mac Only included. Supports hundreds of clients.
Three year complete system limited warranty (Two-year extended warranty optional) Next-Business-Day PROMISE Service PLUS - onsite replacement included in every VTrak purchase* Optional 4-hour PSP upgrade
24 x 7 web and phone support Support website - drivers, rmware, knowledge base, and downloadable compatibility reports Online product registration and seamless license activation
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