Fujitsu Eternus DX8000 series Disk Storage Systems

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Fujitsu Eternus DX8000 series Disk Storage Systems

Scalability and Business continuity

  • World's largest storage capacity (over 2 petabyte)
  • Upgraded performance with 2.83GHz quad core processors.
  • RAID6 (double parity) support. Enhanced reliability even if simultaneous HDD failures occur.

Data Integrity and Enhanced Security

  • A variety of high-speed internal and external copy functions.
  • "Data encryption" for online and offline information security

Flexible Management and TCO Reduction

  • Provides Capacity on Demand (CoD) ability which allows increasing capacity during operation with LUN expansion and DE/HDD hot expansion
  • Ideal for large-scale SAN storage consolidation with multi-platform support.

Green IT

  • Power consumpion reducing Eco-mode using MAID technology.
  • Low-power, high performance and reliable SSD support.
  • Resource use efficiency with "Thin Provisioning" capacity virtualization.

Type RAID storage system for large enterprises
Maximum capacity 58TB 1004TB 2728TB
Max. cache capacity 16GB 256GB 512GB
Hard disks 60 x Fibre Channel and/or SATA (max) 1020 x Fibre Channel and/or SATA (max) 2760 x Fibre Channel and/or SATA (max)
Protocols FCP, SCSI-3, iSCSI
RAID type 0, 1, 1+0, 5, 6
Maximum capacity in RAID 5 43.8TB 783.3TB 2136.9TB
Interfaces Fibre Channel (Max. 8 Gbit/s), iSCSI (Max. 1 Gbit/s)
Hard disk type 1TB/750GB/500GB (7,200rpm)
600GB/450GB/300GB (15,000rpm)
400GB/200GB (Enterprise-class SSD)
Redundancies RAID controller, fans and power supplies that are hot swappable
Server platform Windows Server™ 2003 & 2008; Solaris™ 9, 10; RedHat Enterprise Linux Server & Advanced Platform; HP-UX™; IBM AIX™; VMware vSphere™ & VMware Infrastructure™; Citrix XenServer™
Snapshots 4096 Sessions possible with ACM 16.384 Sessions possible with ACM
Full replication functionality Within a system or remote;
Via Fibre Channel or iSCSI;
Asynchronous or synchronous
19" rackmount - - -
Dimensions (HxWxD) 590 x 990 x 1,800 mm 740 x 995 x 1,800 mm 1,360 x 995 x 1,800 mm
Weight Max. 440kg Max. 4,230kg Max. 10,930kg
Optional extras StorageCruiser: Administrates the complete SAN; Advanced management and stable operation for all storage system types AdvancedCopy Manager (ACM): Offers a management console for mirroring and snapshot functions of the ETERNUS systems; Variety of AdvancedCopy features of Equivalent Copy (EC), One Point Copy (OPC) and SnapOPC+


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