Fujitsu ETERNUS DX80 Disk Storage Systems

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Fujitsu ETERNUS DX80 Disk Storage Systems

Environmentally conscious, Eco friendly design

  • 8 per cent less power cosumtion for 100kg/year CO2 reductions. (*Note 1)
  • Up to 6dB less noise when operating with optimally controlled fan rotation. (*Note 2)
  • Battery free design reduces toxic waste.
  • Power use and heat generation visualization with ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser.
  • MAID-Based Eco mode further reduces power consumption.

Flexible operation management

  • Instant data replication with Advanced Copy function option.
  • Easy setup and operation with intuitve GUI interface.

High-reliability / Data protection

  • Redundant main components with RAID 5+0 ; for higher reliability and performance than RAID 5, and RAID 6.
  • Written data can be encrypted using Fujitsu's unique method for higher security.
  • Automatic addition of check codes ensures stored data integrity is guaranteed.


General specification

Model name DX 60 DX 80
RAID levels 0,1,1+0,5,5+0,6
Storage capacity Physical capacity (*Note 2) 24.0TB 120.0TB
Logical capacity (*Note 3) 16.9TB 88.5TB
Number of controllers 1 or 2
Host interface Fibre Channel
(Max. 4Gbps)
Fibre Channel
(Max. 8Gbps/Max. 4Gbps)
Number of host interfaces Fibre Channel 1 or 2 2 or 4
Cache capacity Max. 2GB Max. 4GB
Number of disk drives Max. 24 Max. 120
Drives SAS disk drive 450GB/300GB (15,000rpm)
Nearline SAS disk drive 1TB/750GB/500GB(7,200rpm)


Installation specification

Model name DX 60 DX 80
Drive interface SAS (Up to 3Gbps)
Dimensions [W x D x H]
483 x 650 x 88 mm 483 x 650 x 88 mm
Service Area Front: 800 mm or over, Rear: 800 mm or over
Max. weight (kg) 70 350
Power requirement Voltage AC 100 V – 120 V / AC 200 – 240V
No. of phases Single
Frequency 50 or 60Hz
Maximum Power Consumption AC100 to 120V 782W (808VA) 3,774W (3,929VA)
AC200 to 240V 776W (844VA) 3,805W (4,129VA)
Maximum Heat Generation AC100 to 120V 2,816KJ/H 13,587KJ/H
AC200 to 240V 2,794KJ/H 13,698KJ/H
Environmental conditions Temperature 5 to 40°C (Operating), 0 to 50°C (Not operating)
Humidity 20 to 80%RH (Operating), 8 to 80%RH (Non-operating)


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