Fujitsu ETERNUS DX60 Disk Storage Systems

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Fujitsu ETERNUS DX60 Disk Storage Systems

Environmentally conscious, Eco friendly design

  • 8 per cent less power cosumtion for 100kg/year CO2 reductions. (*Note 1)
  • Up to 6dB less noise when operating with optimally controlled fan rotation. (*Note 2)
  • Battery free design reduces toxic waste.
  • Power use and heat generation visualization with ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser.
  • MAID-Based Eco mode further reduces power consumption.

Flexible operation management

  • Instant data replication with Advanced Copy function option.
  • Easy setup and operation with intuitve GUI interface.

High-reliability / Data protection

  • Redundant main components with RAID 5+0 ; for higher reliability and performance than RAID 5, and RAID 6.
  • Written data can be encrypted using Fujitsu's unique method for higher security.
  • Automatic addition of check codes ensures stored data integrity is guaranteed.


General specification

Model nameDX 60DX 80
RAID levels0,1,1+0,5,5+0,6
Storage capacityPhysical capacity (*Note 2)24.0TB120.0TB
Logical capacity (*Note 3)16.9TB88.5TB
Number of controllers1 or 2
Host interfaceFibre Channel
(Max. 4Gbps)
Fibre Channel
(Max. 8Gbps/Max. 4Gbps)
Number of host interfacesFibre Channel1 or 22 or 4
Cache capacityMax. 2GBMax. 4GB
Number of disk drivesMax. 24Max. 120
DrivesSAS disk drive450GB/300GB (15,000rpm)
Nearline SAS disk drive1TB/750GB/500GB(7,200rpm)

Installation specification

Model nameDX 60DX 80
Drive interfaceSAS (Up to 3Gbps)
Dimensions [W x D x H]
483 x 650 x 88 mm483 x 650 x 88 mm
Service AreaFront: 800 mm or over, Rear: 800 mm or over
Max. weight (kg)70350
Power requirementVoltageAC 100 V – 120 V / AC 200 – 240V
No. of phasesSingle
Frequency50 or 60Hz
Maximum Power ConsumptionAC100 to 120V782W (808VA)3,774W (3,929VA)
AC200 to 240V776W (844VA)3,805W (4,129VA)
Maximum Heat GenerationAC100 to 120V2,816KJ/H13,587KJ/H
AC200 to 240V2,794KJ/H13,698KJ/H
Environmental conditionsTemperature5 to 40°C (Operating), 0 to 50°C (Not operating)
Humidity20 to 80%RH (Operating), 8 to 80%RH (Non-operating)
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