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Promise Дисковый массив VTrak A3600fDM w/ 16x 2TB (32 TB) 7200-RPM SAS HDD Dual 8 Gb Fibre Channel (F40A36F00010002)  

Цена: 2636760 р
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Артикул: F40A36F00010002
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  • Entry level A-Class solution that does not sacrifice functionality
  • 3U/ 16 drives in one chassis
  • 8G FC interface
  • Data path over FC
  • Single name space with file system spanning across multiple storage units
  • High Availability
    • Active-Standby SAN FS metadata server
    • Active-Active RAID controller
  • Metadata Journaling
    • POSIX compliance
    • Client support for Windows, Mac and Linux
    • Multiple clients access shared files, best for sharing and collaboration
    • Optional external NAS extension gateway cluster provides legacy NFS and CIFS protocol access to files
    • Online defragmentation
    • Online expansion of data volume
  • Each File system volume can be individually tuned for the usage of the volume
    • Soft and hard quotas and user per missions
    • Local ACL for small user groups (20 users)
    • Integration with AD and LDAP for ACL
    • Client node ACL
    • Multipath support on clients
    • Provides intelligent fault detection and notification tool on clients
32TB to 7PB raw
Non-disruptive expansion using:
VTrak x30 Fibre Channel RAID Storage Systems
VTrak x30 Expansion Chassis
VTrakFS™ File System
VTrakFS™ – Integrated clustered file system 
Supports up to 8 simultaneous file systems per system 
Serve up to 1 billion files 
Directory Support: LDAP, Active Directory, Open Directory 
Advanced online defragmentation tool (Advanced Anti-Fragmentation Algorithm) 
Supports ACLs (Access Control List) and User Quota
Redundant Controllers Hot-Swappable Power Supply Units
Quad 8G Fibre Channel ports per controller (total of 8 ports for high-availability systems)
RAID Support
RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60
Power Eciency
Four levels of advanced power management disk drive
Management Tools/Interface
Single VTrak A-Class SAN management software
Client Licenses
4 Universal Only included. Supports hundreds of clients.
Three year complete system limited warranty (Two-year extended warranty optional)
24 x 7 web and phone support
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