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Features Benefits
Mini design Save floor space or rack space with a 2U high system that can store up to 384TB of effective flash capacity.
Maximum (max) power Get up to 1 million IOPS per system with average response times under 1 millisecond.
Capacity efficiency 5:1 average data reduction rates with data compression, data deduplication and thin provisioning enabled.
Data protection Easily create snapshots or clones of any volume. Copy data synchronously or asynchronously to a second system to protect against an outage.
Quality of service controls Set max IOPS and bandwidth consumption limits for logical volumes to ensure a balanced use of the system.
Selectable data services Administrators can flexibly enable data services to be optimized between max performance and max efficiencies.


  HFS A220 HFS A250 HFS A270
Raw Capacity 16TB 48TB 96TB
Effective Capacity 64TB 192TB 384TB
Size 2U 2U 2U
SSDs 10 x 1.6TB 30 x 1.6TB 60 x 1.6TB
Host ports 16 x 8Gbps Fibre Channel (FC)
8 x 10Gbs iSCSI
8 x 40Gbs iSCSI
16 x 8Gbps FC
8 x 10Gbs iSCSI
8 x 40Gbs iSCSI
16 x 8Gbps FC
8 x 10Gbs iSCSI
8 x 40Gbs iSCSI
Cache 128GB 128GB 256GB
Weight 74.0 lbs, 33.6 kg 80.8 lbs, 36.7 kg 91.0 lbs, 41.3 kg
Maximum (max) Power Consumption 570W 750W 880W
Max IOPS 700,000 900,000 1,000,000
Average response times <1 millisecond <1 millisecond <1 millisecond
Max bandwidth 4 GB/sec 5 GB/sec 8 GB/sec


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